With simple, integrated dashboards, scalable architecture and traceability to inject response, Calian MaestroEDE is currently operating on open and closed unclassified and classified networks. It can be installed on-premise or in the cloud. The software:

  • Assists Exercise Planners and Developers
  • Enhanced training outcomes
  • Eases management and control
  • Facilitates larger complex exercises
  • Allows development at any time or place
  • Central repository of information

Complete Environment

MaestroEDE provides a complete environment for the design, development and delivery of exercises. Each tool in the environment is designed to help users from professional to novice navigate the challenges associated with complex exercises facing today's organizations. Calian has embedded its proven track record of success into the tools it uses to deliver results.

Drag and Drop Timelines

Drag and Drop Timelines

You can easily create new events on the timeline. Moving and resizing will update all related information making changes easy and time saving. If you want to see events in different time zones, you can easily switch between them.

chain reaction white abstract

Automate Actions with Triggers

The exercise team can create a domino effect by attaching automated actions to the scenario. These actions can be initiated by schedule, status change or manual and can be as simple or complex as needed. These actions can be emails, notifications and custom messages sent to other software like simulation and C2.

Inject Details

The ability to articulate detail for specific incidents are important to be able to accurately and realistically delivery the exercise. Tagging for easy search, all communication paths can be described with delivery methods and with the ability to track the development and delivery status throughout the process.

Organization Editor

Creating organizational structures to know who is playing and the support control team. Ensure all player training objectives are tracked against the scenario helps ensure a cohesive and learning-rich environment for all participants. Supports the use of MIL-STD and NATO standard symbology.

Exercise Delivery

Each day brings a series of events and injects that must be managed. Our control tool gives you everything your team needs to execute the exercise plan.

File Management

Supporting documentation can be uploaded into the scenario and easily managed through the use of roles and permissions.


System generated documentation is built automatically and kept up to date as your team makes changes. These documents can be downloaded and shared as required. Custom templates can be designed and built for your unique organization.

Controller/Player Directories

Driven by the rich organizational features, contact information is easily available and simple print-outs are generated for use during the exercise. They will also drive future automated actions as decided by the exercise control team.


Each exercise can have its own set of tags that can be applied to various parts of the exercise. This enables each easy searching and creating unique relationships across the scenario.

Revision History

You will be able to see every action taken by the exercise team.