Exercise Design, Development & Delivery Software Solution

for High-Fidelity Collective Training

Training today’s leaders for tomorrow’s challenges.

Better Exercise Delivery

Calian MaestroEDE was purpose-built by the Calian team responsible for the design, development and delivery of operational readiness exercises of any size, scope, and complexity.

Easy to Use

Simple, integrated dashboards, scalable architecture and traceability to inject response.

Adheres to Information Control Requirements

The software is already operating on open and closed UNCLASSIFIED and CLASSIFIED networks. Available as software as a service (SaaS) or can be installed on-premise.

Calian’s MaestroEDETM, a proven E3D tool developed to provide exercise leaders, planners and developers with unprecedented efficiency, flexibility and control when designing, building and conducting large, full-scale, complex training events and exercises.

To maintain the fidelity of the exercise the design, planning and delivery exercise with a multitude of objectives, hundreds and sometimes thousands of participants, multi-agencies and multi-jurisdictions can be daunting. As the training becomes more complicated, the traditional tools and processes become inefficient and labour intensive…but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Calian MaetroEDE™ is supports the exercise design, development and delivery process (E3D) for high fidelity, large scale, multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency exercises in preparation for:

  • Military operational readiness
  • National disasters
  • Security trainings – G7/G20/large sporting events
Calian Maestro EDE in action

Join Calian at NATO CA2X2 FORUM 2019 Conference September 24 to 26, 2019

Dave Chupick Presentation at the NATO CA2X2 FORUM 2019

Topic: Decision making in a Synthetic Training Environment: Where does simulation fit?

Bio: Dave Chupick is the Senior Advisor for Emergency Management and Training with Calian Group Ltd. For several decades he led and managed a diverse range of teams to design, develop and deliver training events from professional development sessions to large complex international exercises for clients both military and civilian. 

The 14th NATO Computer Assisted Exercise Forum,  organized by the NATO Modelling and Simulation Centre of Excellence (NATO M&S COE), is now NATO CA2X2 Forum (Computer Aided Analysis, Exercise, Experimentation), an event where military users, industry and academia meet and discuss the M&S Discipline, Exercises, Experimentation, Wargaming and Analysis, and see demonstrations and presentations on latest technology and trends. 

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